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I So Want To Micromanage My Kids

The other morning I was going around to bedrooms, turning off all the lights kids had left on because mornings are just a mad rush to get to school. When I got to one of my son’s rooms, I saw several papers next to his bed, and I did what you know we ALL do,…
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Where is the Disconnect | The Question I’m Asking Myself About Racism

Where is the disconnect? I don’t know if I’ve ever written specifically about race, but with our country’s recent events, it all has me at a place that I cannot wrap my brain around. The controversy of race and people and colors…it all has me sitting in complete disbelief. I don’t know a single person in…
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Running Our Race Because It’s Ours

So, after morning drop-off, I ran into our grocery store, I would say with no make up on, but I actually had a good amount of left-over mascara under my eyes. I hadn’t even brushed my hair, but I needed stuff to make pumpkin bread. As I was getting out of the car to go in,…
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Natalie’s Story | Because Sometimes We Need To Remember Redemption’s Hope

This today, because a few of us have had the wind knocked clean out of us this week when it comes to motherhood. Seeing that child hurt, watching them make choices, knowing that life is full of transitions. Next stages. So much this month, new seasons, graduations, end-of-school events. Calendars full and hearts filled with…
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5 Ways To Build Identity Into Your Kids | Weekend Challenge #2

There are some days when the urgency to do THIS WHOLE PARENTING THING WELL seems more on fire than on other days. Anyone know what I mean? My daughter came home this week with stories about value, what really matters, what’s trending on Netflix, and the more she talked the more I felt myself turning…
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When Every Last Thing Gets Tossed About | Lessons Learned About Identity

Identity Crisis. Those two words began my journal entry. In the words that followed, I poured out my heart onto that blank screen because sometimes you just have to get it all out. The definitions came in… …a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a…
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