Red Letter Summer

That Uniform Made All the Difference

Well, it happened.  I became a soccer mom.   Last week, my little girl ventured out into her very first sport.  Since it was her first endeavor, she was, of course, completely decked out: pink cleats, pink socks, pink shorts, and matching hair accessories.  And although she’d never played a day of soccer in her life,…
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Red Letter Summer ~ Beginning June 11

Ladies, looking for a refreshing Bible study for your summer?  Not sure how to do this in the midst of juggling schedules, work and vacation?  What if you could go online from wherever you are and be a part of a great summer series with a great group of women? Be a part of our…
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Red Letter Summer ~ Intro Week, Part 1

So who is John?   Who is this man that’s written the Gospel of John?  Why is he different from the writers of the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke?  What in the world is a synoptic? Before we begin our study on Monday, there may be a few of you who’d like a…
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Red Letter Summer ~ Intro Week, Part 2

This past week my husband was out of town, so I had some extra time to do some research on this Gospel called John.  The study was incredible, and I learned so much I’d never known in all my years as a Christ follower.  Isn’t that one of the greatest attributes of our God…that we…
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Week Two: John 4-6

Welcome to Week 2 of our Red Letter Summer!  This study is so unique because each week you’ll be hearing from one of our amazing pastors’ wives, giving us all a fresh perspective from these incredible women of God.  This week you will hear from the fabulous Erika Morris.  Hang on, she’s about to challenge…
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Week Three: John 7-9

Ever feel like you’re not enough?  Like you cannot possibly accomplish or live up to the task?  Or like there’s so much junk in your past that your hope is gone?  Take a moment today to get alone with the Lord.  Quiet your heart, and sink into today’s post, wonderfully written by Lauren Calkins, and…
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Week Five: John 13-14

Congratulations!  Today marks our half-way point through our Red Letter Summer!   Four weeks ago we sat down and watched the curtain raise on the most radical love story ever written.  For those of you who have been with us from the opening scene, wouldn’t you all agree that even though you may have taken…
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Week Six: John 15-16

Anyone up for a great summer giveaway?  More on that in a minute, but first how would you answer this question:  What has God been stirring up inside of you this summer?  As you’ve studied the words of Jesus for the past few weeks, how have they resonated within you? We want to hear from…
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